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Benjamin Wallace Post-Apocalyptic Interview

Get your free book                                                                                   Benjamin Wallace                            JOIN MY READERS GROUP       Benjamin Wallace is the bestselling author of the Duck & Cover Adventures and other books. He lives in Dallas, Texas where he complains about the heat. And he is the writer of my favorite  Post-Apocalyptic  Audiobook series The Duck & Cover Adventures,  In this excellent   Post-Apocalyptic parody, You meet Jerry and his dog Chewy,  roaming what’s left of the world doing their best to help the helpless. In a wasteland is filled with danger, and full of bizarre characters just trying there best or worst  to survive these new wastelands  It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it,  I highly recommend this series of audiobooks, there are really witty fun Audio-books to listen to, with loads of nods to 80's movies, great storylines, fast-pace

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